Wednesday, 9 November 2011



For no reason other than I can, I thought I'd send a good morning shoutout! Thank you to the fifteen wonderful people who are following my blog. I am honoured and overwhelmed! I am still learning how all this all works and add to that the fact that I tend to be technically challenged, it all makes for an interesting experience. All of you Dear Readers who are more computer savvy than I am will have noticed that a couple of previous posts have been posted as TITLES. LOL, that was from my phone, because I haven't worked out how to do it a different way. However, from an ordinary PC I am managing to get that part right anyway! :-)

I'm enjoying keeping a blog, for two reasons especially. Firstly because this is yet another way to share God. Secondly because I love to write. So combined I think God has got a good thing going on. And I am honoured and astounded that He wants to use me....but He does, so I am willing.

I trust that today, Dearest Readers, will be a good day for you all. I pray that you are blessed in many surprising ways and that you in turn are a blessing to others. Big hug, and catch you next time.

Hugs - Jeanne.


  1. Wishing the best for you too Jeanne.
    your posts are wonderful..

  2. Navjot, thank you very much for not only your words but your friendship also. :-))

    Grant, smiles are always welcome, thanks for yours! :-))

    Hugs, Jeanne.