Wednesday, 30 November 2011

A CALL TO PRAYER......Dear Fellow Prayer Warriors, In Sydney, Australia this Saturday, December 3rd, at 12 midday a rally will be held for what is being termed the demand for "Marriage Equality". Basically the Homosexual community is calling for Australia to join the ranks of more than a dozen other countries who recognise and accept (and condone) the marriage of two same-sex individuals. Our current stand against this is being called outdated. Any Christian knows where God stands on this issue - but it seems for some the words 'detestable' and 'abhorrent' have escaped their understanding. (Read all of Leviticus chapter 18.) Or perhaps for some that is just one of those parts of the Bible they choose not to believe. In the eyes of the world Australia's stand against gay-marriage may well be outdated, but not in the eyes of God. God does not change His mind to suit a modern world. (Malachi 3:6.) I am not usually a campaigner, or a person who makes a big noise about anything in the political arena, but this is striking a nerve with me. Please, come together in prayer over this; for my country, for a united stand for Christian and Biblical beliefs, for my own, yours and our joint, personal stand in adherence to God, as brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you, and God bless. P.S. Pray also for safety for those attending....these things do tend to get out of hand.

Sunday, 20 November 2011


We are all weak and powerless, and filled with fear.

We are all weak without God.

This describes so many of us in all walks of life, no matter our circumstances or situation. When fear strikes us in whatever personal form that takes - for me it's dogs - we hide, we are paralysed, we back away, sometimes we run.

In some situations people face in their lives even our church doesn't know how to help...each other or other people. Just like each individual, the church needs the power of God in order to help and guide itself and others. The church needs God's power.

We - the church - cannot do anything without the power of God.

How often do we try, though? I know I go about my life, my day, so often under my own strength and the result is always a colossal mess. That's coupled with feelings of hopelessness, loneliness, the overwhelming desire to hide or run away...yeah, at my age!!! However, recently I have found - perhaps because I am more aware of this shortfall in me than I used to be, and most definitely because God refuses to give up on me - that following close on the heels of this mess-making caper I keep embarking on, is the sense of relief when I realise (finally) that God is right there, waiting to take over and fix my mess, and take charge of the rest!

Sadly society is having more of an impact on the church than the church is impacting on society. How frightening is that? Media attention is freely given to those who speak out about their disbelief, but whenever any attention is given to the church through the media it is usually from a negative viewpoint. In the celebrity circles there are numerous Christians, or people of faith, but it seems very few of them are even willing to speak out about their belief, for whatever reason. Perhaps they are afraid of its effect on their celebrity status or careers. Perhaps they are fearful of the reactions from their peers. After all, the world is just a big 'ole High School, right? And as one secular song suggests High School Never Ends! Whatever the reason, it's a sad state of affairs when they have at their disposal a fantastic platform for the spreading of God, His Word, and His Kingdom, and they are not using it, or certainly not as they should be.

Even as ordinary, everyday, un-famous people we should still take every oppotunity presented to us BY GOD to speak out about our own beliefs. Do we? Are we afraid too? Okay, confession...I know at times I am!!! I admire the candour of the minister at my own church who reveals to us even his own fears of this. It happens to all of us at some point or another, but the difference in his case is that, more often than I do, Vince (my minister) pushes forward anyway, despite the fear!

I remember years ago I had a friend who lived in another state, and we spoke often on the phone. She was a Christian I found out months after getting to know her, but she revealed to me that she didn't want anyone to know. She had her reasons...we all do for whatever form our short- or long-term hesitation takes, whether they are valid or not. Fear, I believe, will remain the greatest of these. Fear of rejection because of our faith, of mocking and humiliation, fear of persecution, fear of finding ourselves standing all on our own outside the popular group or the charmed circle...I could go on, this is a long list!

We need to remember again to draw on the power of God within us...the same power that rose Christ from death.

We need to know God's power to experience the Lord's power in our lives. We mustn't try to live relying on our own power and strength. Satan wants to get control of our children, our family and friends, and us. We need to encourage our children and the people around us to turn to Christ, get to know Christ, to accept Christ...we need to get to others through Christ before Satan gets to them. And whether those very people want to know it or not, the truth remains that a life apart from Christ is a life in allegience of Satan! Anyone who does not accept and follow Christ, sins against God and rejects Him, whether they are a good person or not, whether their lives are an action by action itinerary of good works or not!!! The misconception of evil is that it is only the ugly, the heinous, the abhorrent, but anything that keeps us apart from a relationship with God is all those things to is rejection of Him. Anything less than the acceptance of Jesus Christ is sin against God.

"Bible Answers for Almost All Your Questions" by Elmer L. Towns gives this answer to the question 'What is sin?'; Sin is an act, attitude, or response against the Person or law of God. No acceptions!

T.V., music, newspapers, magazines...any media outlet is bombarding our young people with immorality and evil. And so much is being passed off as acceptable. The censorship scale is being widened allowing in more depravity, not only on a world-wide arena but in our own homes as well. Children and young adults need the power of God to break free of this, and to live successfully in this life. Really, I think this applies to anyone of any age. There are men and women, church leaders, people (including Christians) in every area of life and in any age group, who are influenced by the effects of the media, and most especially today by the internet.

We will continue to repeat our mistakes if we don't have God to guide us right, and if we don't pay attention to that guidance - we stay with what we know if that is all we know! Those in prisons are a great case in point. I've encountered inmates, through Crossroad Bible Institute, who before coming to Christ admitted that they would go back to their old ways if they were freed because it was all they knew. It is our responsibility to show them that there is something new for them to strive toward. As Christians we need to speak out to these people, to anyone who lives apart from Christ and through the power of God within us show them a new way...the ONLY way.

We need to confess our needs to God in prayer, and show people that they can do the same. We all have needs, and whilst it is good to pray for others we need also to pray for ourselves and bring our needs, troubles, confusions and our desire to grow ever closer to Him, before God. Our joys and happiness too, of course. God wants it all.

Before you can solve a problem you must first recognise the cause. Some of the reasons why we may struggle in our day to day life, and through the trials life throws our way, are:-
*Little faith
*Too much faith in past victories!
That last one forces accountability, doesn't it? I've experienced that! :-( I've had successes in the past and then the next time tried to march forward on the wake of that rather than on the power of, and the ability presented by God.

Instead we need to have faith through God, confindence through God. I heard a saying; "Pray and doubt and you do without. Pray and believe and you will receive."


Spend time in prayer before doing anything. Seek God. Prayerlessness is a cause for lack of faith. Where there is little prayer there is little faith. All too often we lack faith. Our failures are God's reminder to rely fully on His power. Jesus has complete dominion over Satan and his followers. Satan just doesn't know when you're dead lie down!!! As Christians we should want and desire to see more people see ALL people saved.

Have faith in Jesus. Bring it all to Jesus. Rely on the power of the Holy Spirit to overcome everything - problems, temptations, etc. Consider these things that can bring us into a deeper faith.
*Remember what Christ has done.
*Read God's Word.
*Share our own experiences of God.
*Ask God for stronger faith.
*Ask God to cast out our doubt.
*Claim God's promises.

God cannot lie! Return to the promises of God all throughout His Word.

Have faith, of course, but also be persistent in prayer. Have regular prayer time. Prayer is an acknowledgement of not only God, but God's power. Pray and believe, and the faith, insight and wisdom will come.

Hugs - Jeanne.

Monday, 14 November 2011

ME & GOD...YOU & GOD.........

Dearest Readers,
    I didn't write these questions, and sadly I don't know who did in order to give them due credit. This is something my mother gave me months ago and she has had it for more than 40 years. But they remain timeless, and can still be a guide for each of us in our times of prayers and conversation with our Lord. Feel free to copy this and keep it...and follow it. Feel even freer to answer some or all of the questions next time you talk to Jesus. Oh...and finally, feel free to leave a comment, or a question of your own, or even share here something of your own prayer life.

* "You do not have to be clever to please Me. All you have to do is to want to love Me. Just speak to Me as you would to anyone of whom you are very fond." .....JESUS.

* "Are there people you want to pray for? Say their names to Me, and ask Me as much as you like. I am generous and know all their needs, but I want you to show your love for them, by trusting Me to do what I know is best." .....JESUS.

* "Tell Me about those in need, the sick, and those you know are in trouble." .....JESUS.

* "If you have lost the friendship or affection of anyone tell Me about that too." .....JESUS.

* "Tell Me about your husband or wife, about your children...are any of them causing you anxiety? Tell me about it." .....JESUS.

* "What about the church to which you belong? Your ministers and those who teach? Tell Me about them." .....JESUS.

* "Is there anything you want for your soul? If you like, you can write Me out a long list of all your needs, and come and read it to Me." .....JESUS.

* "Just tell Me about your pride, your touchiness, self-centredness, meanness, perhaps laziness. Do not be ashamed. There are many Saints in Heaven who had the same faults as you. They prayed to Me and little by little their faults were corrected." .....JESUS. (Dearest Readers, this one especially I have been actioning in the last few days. I have become starkly aware of many of these faults in myself and I have taken my shame and guilt to Jesus, and He is fixing the mess I made, and repairing the damage done! Praise Him!!!)

* "Do not hesitate to ask Me for blessings for the body and the mind, for health, memory, success. I can give everything and I always give everything to make souls holier." .....JESUS.

* "What is it you want right now? Tell Me, for I long to do you good. What are your plans? Tell Me about them." .....JESUS.

* "Is there anyone you want to please? What do you want to do for them?" .....JESUS.

* "Do you want anything for Me?" .....JESUS.

* "Do you want to do a little good for the souls of your family or friends, who perhaps have forgotten Me?" .....JESUS.

* "Tell me about your failures, and I will show you the cause of them." .....JESUS.

* "What are your worries?" .....JESUS.

* "Who has caused you pain? Tell Me all about it, and add that you will forgive and forget, and I will bless you." .....JESUS.

* "Are you afraid of anything? Have you any tormenting, unreasonable fears? Trust yourself to Me. I am here. I will not leave you." .....JESUS.

* "Have you any joys to tell Me about? Share you happiness with Me. Tell Me what has happened since yesterday to cheer and comfort you. Whatever is was, however big, however small, I prepared it. Show Me your gratitude and thank Me." .....JESUS.

* "Are you determined not to run into temptation? Have you made up your mind about bad influences in your life? To be done with them? They disturb the peace of your soul." .....JESUS.

* "Are you going to be kind to that one who has hurt you?" .....JESUS.

* "Go along now. Get on with your work. Try to be quieter, humbler, more submissive, kinder, and come back again later and bring Me a more devoted heart. Tomorrow I shall have more blessings for you." .....JESUS.

God bless....hugs - Jeanne.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011



For no reason other than I can, I thought I'd send a good morning shoutout! Thank you to the fifteen wonderful people who are following my blog. I am honoured and overwhelmed! I am still learning how all this all works and add to that the fact that I tend to be technically challenged, it all makes for an interesting experience. All of you Dear Readers who are more computer savvy than I am will have noticed that a couple of previous posts have been posted as TITLES. LOL, that was from my phone, because I haven't worked out how to do it a different way. However, from an ordinary PC I am managing to get that part right anyway! :-)

I'm enjoying keeping a blog, for two reasons especially. Firstly because this is yet another way to share God. Secondly because I love to write. So combined I think God has got a good thing going on. And I am honoured and astounded that He wants to use me....but He does, so I am willing.

I trust that today, Dearest Readers, will be a good day for you all. I pray that you are blessed in many surprising ways and that you in turn are a blessing to others. Big hug, and catch you next time.

Hugs - Jeanne.

Monday, 7 November 2011


In a Selwyn Hughes devotion I read some time ago the topic was the character of God, and one collection of readings was on the wrath of God, and how this is a crucial part of what makes God God. All too often we are happy overlook or ignore God’s wrath, because to consider it makes us feel...what? Uncomfortable? Accountable? Awkward? Afraid of a grace giving, merciful, compassionate God??? The devotion looked at God’s perfect holiness and His intolerance of unholiness in His people. On the surface that seems cruel and uncaring – especially from a supposedly loving God. But in actual fact it is this truth about God which affords Him the reverence and awe He deserves.
First of all, the intense and full wrath of God belongs upon those who purposely and willingly disobey God and His will. There are many accounts of God’s wrath upon such people, that we can read about in the old Testament. So, in that thinking, it is good to remember that there is a difference between wrath and discipline. Those of us who follow God, trying (and often failing in that trying) to follow God’s will still at times (some more than others) need to be disciplined, and also need to be shown that with our actions come consequences...sometimes harsh consequences.
Unholiness is an imperfection. How could we even begin to serve a God who was fallible? Or, how could we serve a God who is perfect, yet tolerated or overlooked our imperfection? Wouldn’t our view of Him be altered...tainted? Wouldn’t we then try to push the limits and expect to get away with it? Wouldn’t we lose respect and reverence if we knew we could sweet talk our way out of the discipline we deserve, and need? Wouldn’t we also cease to grow and, more so, cease to try to be more like He Who created us? Wouldn’t He be just like any other earthly leader, or created god or idol, we have now, who either demands perfection from his or her subjects and fails to adhere to them themselves, or is (near) perfect but too wishy-washy to follow up with those who neglect their edicts or flat out rebel against their authority.
If God was that kind of God what purpose would there have been in Jesus’ death in the first place?
What we need to look at now is the immense love that is birthed from the fact that God is intolerant of imperfection, and deals with it justly. So that we may still be freely given the opportunity to commune with God, and have a relationship with Him, God made a way for that when under our own strength and unholiness it simply could not be. He went over and above...He went the extra mile...He did the humanly impossible...God repaired the damage...He rebuilt the bridge...He closed the gap...and how? By sending His Son to die on our behalf - to wear it all; all our sins, all our imperfections; all our shortfalls, all our that we can now walk freely back where God always intended us to be – in His presence, in His company, in His and secure in His everlasting love.