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(AUTHOR NOTE:- Love…a topic very close to my heart, and I’m sure, close to the hearts of many! I think it’s easy to become disillusioned with love, especially when looked at from an earthly point of view. The following is a mix of fiction and fact…I’ll leave up to you, Dearest Reader – if it matters to you at all – to decide which is which.)

There once was a HEART…a beautiful and gentle HEART.

Like any heart, this was a HEART born to be bursting with kindness and compassion, filled with caring and the longing to give. Most of all there was born within this HEART the desire to love (and be loved)…fully and with every resource birthed from its creation.

This HEART had been in existence for a while now…longer than many, the HEART knew, but not as long as some. It also knew it wasn’t the only heart to have experienced the things it had, but at this very moment the HEART also knew it was battered, and bruised, and most of all broken.

As the HEART sat alone, fresh from another rude awakening, thinking over the past years and the others it had encountered, all now a distant and painful memory, a new sorrow flowed. They had been the hearts of family and friends, of lovers and even strangers. The growing years of this HEART had been hindered by torment and fear…things contradictory to its fashioned purpose.

There had come a day, early on, when, mustering an already weak courage, the HEART began to step out in faith…a huge step, and seldom reaping the remuneration the HEART so desperately longed for.

In the 16th year there was the popular one who hadn’t even known of this HEART’S existence. -----Overlooked!

In the 22nd year there came the heart this HEART thought it would be united with for the rest of its time. But the HEART was left. -----Abandoned!

The 37th year brought one who had all the tight things to say, but who turned out to be beyond merely a liar – a deceiver of premeditated malice. -----Betrayed!

When the 42nd year came, the HEART was hesitantly surprised to find itself daring to trust again, daring to believe this was the reason it had been created. Only, the HEART was wrong…again. -----Used!

There was the crushing devastation of losing a brother; the struggles of friends walking away without reason; the reflections of happiness all too often short-lived; the rebirth of hope too soon deflated. Anger and bitterness now seeped from every vessel as the HEART thought also upon the feelings of abuse, rejection, mocking, humiliation, judgement and diminishment.

Now through today’s resentment, the HEART looked toward the darkening sky, hopelessly defeated.

Then the voice came. “Will you allow sourness to keep you from being what you were created for?”

“I’m never giving myself to anyone again,” the HEART’S reply revealed all it felt. “I will open to no-one!”

“Would you deny all I created you to be?”

The HEART turned toward the voice. Surrounded by intense brightness He stood silhouetted, and everything around the HEART vanished into unimportance.

“Saviour Jesus!” the HEART cadenced.

“Beloved HEART,” the Lord Jesus soothed. “Who do you give yourself to?”

“I give to everyone,” the HEART cried, “and all I get is pain. Why did You leave me??”

“Beloved HEART,” Lord Jesus said again.

“I give myself repeatedly, only to lose again and again. Why was I even created?” The tone used was accusing, and immediately regretted. Filled with sudden shame, the HEART tried to retreat into itself.

A third time Lord Jesus spoke, His words, instead of berating, were adoring and passionate. “Beloved HEART. I have plans for you. You were created by My Father, for Me. Love others as I love, for I am Love. Upon those who would hurt you, love anyway. Upon those it becomes difficult to love, love harder. Give yourself wholly unto Me, and all else will be your reward.”

The HEART became aware of the embrace, even though He did not move.

His voice remained comforting as He said finally, “I have never left you. I will never leave you. My Spirit is within you…Beloved HEART.”

(Dearest Reader, there is none who will tenderly treasure your precious heart like Jesus Christ will. Hugs – Jeanne.)


  1. Nice read. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. (Dearest Readers, the following comment was sent to me via text message, and I wanted to share it. It was from my future daughter-in-law, Natalie. Next June it will be my absolute joy to watch her marry my son. Natalie is a gift from God, and a healer of broken hearts. Her message came at a low point for me tonight, and I praise God for the way He works...and for Natalie. Here is her message.......)

    I have to say i'm quite proud of my heart... It too was humiliated and broken to a point where I expected it to just .... Stop. Then came the heart so perfectly matched to my own, one that you created, and gave me back my life. Made me forget it was ever hurt... I'm glad you have experienced the same, i really want all the happiness in the world for you.

    Your son is and always will be the best thing to ever happen to me :) i consider myself lucky every day. I scored a pretty kickass M.I.L too

  3. Beautiful, Jeanne. True and truer still. Amazing, how much he loves us.

  4. Beautiful post, Jeanne. It is amazing that the rough Journey that the heart endeavored could not change its true form.

    Blessings to you..
    ~ N

  5. A very touching and poignant post, thank You!