Monday, 31 October 2011

GOOD MORNING DEAREST READER, My well planned and fine-tuned intention for this morning was to fill in time, while I waited for the Post Office to open, at the library with a little social networking. However, my slides! Today is the first Tuesday in November!!! Lol, and a lot of you are now probably wondering what that has to do with anything, right? :-) The first Tuesday in November is Melbourne Cup day! The Melbourne Cup is the biggest horse race in Australia. It's "the day a nation stands still"...or something like that!! It's annoying, is what it is! When I was penpalling it just meant an extra day without a mail delivery. When I was a bored housewife it meant the race was aired on TV instead of daytime soaps!!! It was a disruptive inconvenience!!! :-( Today it means the library and council buildings are closed and I can't get on a proper computer!! Blast! I sit outside the town hall...on my semi shade...smiling at strangers passing by....exchanging nicities with people I know...listening to construction to the left and the sound of passing traffic to the right...hoping the dog passing by doesn't decide to stop and scare me into an anxiety attack ― yeah, I have an unreasonable fear, so what! ;-)...and I'm waiting for the Post Office to open. :-) What do you do when you're bored...and waiting? This is what I do! :-) I write! :-) Happy Melbourne Cup Day, Dearest Reader! :-)) Hugs ~ Jeanne.


  1. P.S. Now that I have posted this I was reminded that, for some reason, my phone registers USA time, so while it says this was posted on Oct 31st, in Oz it's November 1st. God bless ~ Jeanne.

  2. Jeanne you are so funny :P well i was in a situation where i had to wait for some place to open up, i would start observing the people around me.. and u can see all sorts of people in just a few minutes.. Observing the life around us is sometimes very essential :P
    Ur post is cool... Keep posting !!

  3. Agreed Navjot, and when I was done observing I would then WRITE about them!! ;-)