Saturday, 8 October 2011

AN INTRODUCTION: I've been trying to think of a name for my blog, now that I have been convinced to start one. A name―something striking?...something catchy?...something representing who I am? The answer? "Organised Chaos"! That pretty much sums me up, especially in terms of the condition of my mind. It's chicken soup in there! *laughter* But the chicken soup catch phrase has kinda been done to death, don't you think? So, organised chaos it is. Welcome to the cauldron, Dearest Reader. :-) So, let's begin with the introduction and then see where we go from here. Given that my desire is to hand over to God the reins of my hands and words, only He knows what is to come! :-) That's kinda exciting too, because the second biggest piece of information about who I am is that I'm a writer...a fiction writer...a FANTASY-fiction writer!! You know what that means, yeah? It means firstly, that ordinarily when I write it's all fabricated. Poetic license to the nth degree! Not just the plot...conjured beings, places, worlds, and very little need for historial accuracy, when the worlds I've created don't actually exist! Which leads me to the second thing ― embarking on a writing journey of non-fiction is a massive (and foreboding) leap of not only faith, but of confidence also. Considering that when you make it up, you're in control, you say what goes, and in the long run it doesn't matter what others think. In short, it's a very egotistical way to write! :-) But then given that, in the case of this blog, it is my mind and my words...and my organised chaos...that will be captained by God, I think we're gonna be okay! I'm relinguishing control, and as a writer that is also massive for me. I'm not sailing this ship alone...Ha!!!...I'm NOT sailing it at all. God is! *wipes back of hand across forehead* Phew! And therein lies a segue back to the first and foremost thing about me...I am a Christian! I am the daughter of the King. I am a complete and utter...and chaotic...mess being moulded and refined by the hands of the Master Creator! I am winging it most of the time on prayer and faith alone. And that's okay! I am learning from my mistakes...sometimes painfully slow! I am sooooo thankful I serve a God who is patiently picking me up every time I fall, even when it's the same hurdle I've stumbled over a dozen times before. I'm thankful He's not counting my past against me...and is instead diligently setting my feet back on His path of truth and salvation again. So, Dearest Reader, let this blog journey begin. (I'm nervous!) My desire is to bring glory to God and not myself. Your thoughts and comments are welcome, and encouraged. All praise and glory to God! Blessings upon you, and much love in the name of our Saviour and King, Jesus Christ. Hugs ~ Jeanne.


  1. I wish you "All the Best" my friend. I am so glad that you have started blogging. You are a writer and this is going to be a great platform for you and your readers to interact. Wishing you the best once more....

    Navjot :)

  2. Jeanne, this is a VERY nice post. It's so well-written, I almost can't believe it's your first one. ("Where are the other posts? Clearly, she's been at this for a while.") Glad I got *in* at the beginning. Will be fun to watch your develop! Maybe you could give us a link to some of your other writing? Now I'm curious.
    :^) blessings, friend.

  3. Navjot, thank you for being the first. Thankyou you also for your continued encouragement in everything I do.

    Catherine, what sweet words. They mean so much. I'm honoured to know and thankful that Navjot talked about you do much, arousing my curiosity to begin with.

    God bless ~ Jeanne.

  4. I love the tone conveyed of absolute, total confidence in the wisdom and power of God to save and SUSTAIN you so effectively. The Name of the Lord Jesus Christ should and must unashamedly be proclaimed and defended by His servants. I like your sense of humor! (I'm envious of it as i wish i could effectively use humor in my writing.) I'm looking forward to reading more!

  5. Gary,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment. And thank you for the kind encouragement of your words. God bless you immensely.


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