Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Are we giving Satan a foot in the door?

Sometimes on a Sunday morning, especially after a night of NOT sleeping well, I get up and don't feel like going to church. I confess that sometimes I have given in to that and not gone! Lately I've come to realise that when I do give in I am making Satan happy! Ugh! I so do not want to do that! None of us do, right?!

It's the same when we don't read our Bibles, or we neglect our time with God. These are the things that make Satan happy. Satan is never happy when we are following God and doing what God wants us to do for His glory and the expansion of His Kingdom. And Satan will use any means to keep us from doing that.

This is something I've known for a while now, but lately there has been a new level of awareness for me regarding this, and the lengths Satan will go to to deter me. Satan's attacks aren't always obvious! Sometimes they are subtle and sneaky and go almost unnoticed, or certainly unrecognised. Praise God for His Holy Spirit, our Guide to alert us to the cunningness of that snake!!! Especially since starting my blog up again in obedience to God, Satan has strengthened his attack on me...so I can only conclude that he doesn't like it. Good! When I sit down to work on my blog, or read my Bible, or even when I am posting to Facebook or Twitter, I will suddenly become incredibly tired, or my head will start to ache, or my Internet will start doing strange things. Not too long ago, while posting my blog link on Facebook, I was suddenly blocked completely and could get into my own Facebook account at all. I did get back on eventually with the help of my daughter, but only after changing my password and going through arduous rigmarole! This is not the first time Satan has tried to keep me from obeying God - but God always comes out the Victor - and He always will.

Other times, while about God's work, I will be distracted by something, or many things. And beware Dearest Reader, because sometimes those distractions are not bad things either. The other night I got all settled to spend time with God, and my brother was available for a chat. I hated having to tell him that I couldn't chat right then, because I love cyber-handin' with my bro - he lives so far away that I don't get to see him, so chatting with him is the next best thing...I could have done just that if I had pushed God to the back burner - just as Satan was hoping I would. But we have to be tough sometimes...we have to be strong in our stand to 'make time' for God, to put God first before ALL things, even at the cost of having to put someone else off for a little while- including brothers (I love you, Dean!!!). Thankfully on this night my brother was understanding and easily accepted it when I explained that I was about to start God-time.

I believe these things can sometimes be a bit of a test as well, to see just what lengths we will go to, and how much effort we will put in to complete the task God has set before us. (This was something the same aforementioned brother - Dean - told me years ago....see, I do listen and take notice of good, Godly advice! :-) ) How many of us wanna just quit when things get hard? I know there have been times, I confess, when I have just wanted to throw my hands up and walk away because it feels too hard, and I am overcome with feelings of 'I can't do this'!

I beseech you to push forward, in Christ, through all the hurdles, and roadblocks Satan tries to put between you and God. When you find yourself tired, or busy, or distracted, or just plain not in the mood, remember that Satan doesn't deserve our attention or our time...God does! So PUSH THROUGH it all and annoy the devil back to hell!

Many of you might have heard or seen the quote by John Bunyan; "Pray often, for prayer is a shield for the soul, a sacrifice to God, and a scourge for Satan." I believe this applies also to reading God's Word, and spending time in devotion with God.

Psalm 119:11 says; "I have hidden Your Word in my heart that I might not sin against You." Let's fill our hearts with the Word of God. Let's set our hearts and minds firmly on God and be a scourge to Satan.

Let's make Satan really UNHAPPY!!!!

Hugs Jeanne (Toni) xxx

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  1. I just love your blog so much! Many blessings. :-)